The most important part of our appearance to have a haircut that matches our face, reflects our personality and completely fits our style.


A very important point to be easy to handle, that the person who wears it always feels good with it. A well-done haircut makes you self-confident, can be shaped to every occasion, we can crown our look with it.


Our hairdressers will professionally help you to choose the best haircut to make your face look perfect!


Coloring makes it possible to wear another color instead of the natural or when grey hairs show up you can easily cover them and brand new fresh look.


We know more and more brands you can get in shops, but unfortunately it happens a lot that at the end you don’t get the expected color result. We can only reach a really permanent and gorgeous color by using professional products and a very important point of view is that these products are better for your scalp and hair. To get a stunning and matching color result the help of a professional hairdresser is necessary.

We chose to use Paul Mitchell products to make our guests’ hair unbelievably sparkling and shiny.

You can get more information about these products on Paul Mitchell website by clicking on this logo:






Our colleagues keep developing their knowledge to be able to make you

the most beautiful color magic.


We can make highlights in many ways. According to the desired result we choose to do them with foil, brush or free hand technique.


To make the hair color more playful it’s possible to put darker and/or lighter color in it or lighten the ends up to get a sun kissed look.

In every case the result will be a youthful and fresh look.


We also recommend highlights to the ones who like the natural effect and want to give their hair and extra shine and also to the ones who wish to have something extreme instead of the one-tone color.

Hair-up, wedding hairstyle

For special occasions or even on the big day when you want to look better than in the everydays and bring the best out of you we are ready to make you beautiful.


We customize your hair matching your dress that twill not only be beautiful but permanent as well perfect with its every detail.


If you would like a wedding hairstyle, we first make a trial to find the best for you and take photos from every angle to be able to remake it for the big day.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening

During Natura brazilian keratin permanents hair straightening treatment we put keratin the main component of hair within with heat. The result is an easy to handle, soft, shiny, healthy and straight hair in only 3 simple steps:


  1. Hair wash-deep cleansing with a special shampoo

  2. Keratin treatment-ironing: we put the liquid keratin on the hair then fix it with heat

  3. Closure-conditioning: we close the hair structure and make the effect last long with a conditioner

The result is a detangled, sleek hair up to 3 months!

We recommend to the ones who spend a lot of time on their hair daily and to the ones who want mirror shine instead of the matte look. This will revive your hair!

Children's haircut

According to our experiences it’s very important also for children to have a fashionable look, they are welcome at is with a little surprise.